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Pro-Israel America works to support the election of pro-Israel candidates – on both sides of the aisle – to federal office. Our online portal makes it easy to learn about and support pro-Israel candidates. Access to our online Pro-Israel America PAC portal is reserved for members of Pro-Israel America.

Members receive action alerts, election analysis and invites to exclusive conference calls. As a member, we will let you know when we make new endorsements -- both for sitting Members of Congress who support the U.S.-Israel relationship and for pro-Israel candidates who challenge current Members of Congress.

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We welcome your ideas and input – about which candidates to endorse and the best ways to get our pro-Israel message to more people. We are excited to have you part of this growing pro-Israel political action movement!

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As a member you will have the opportunity every two years (beginning in 2021) to vote for a member of the Pro-Israel America board of directors. This Members' Director will help us chart the future of our organization together.

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